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Casting grinding and cleaning work, automatic grinding machine grinding gradually replaces manual grinding

In the foundry industry, many products need to be polished and polished when they are processed. In the past, they used to be polished manually, which is very time-consuming and laborious. However, it is much easier to use industrial robots or professional automatic polishing equipment to polish and polish, and the speed is several times of that of manual. The time of starting up is 2-3 times of that of manual work. Of course, industrial machines are used. There are many advantages of grinding and polishing by machine man and professional automatic grinding equipment. Here are some examples:

Industrial robot grinding and automatic grinding equipment grinding are mainly used for high-precision grinding and polishing operations in the foundry industry, bathroom industry, auto parts industry, industrial parts industry, medical equipment industry, civil products and other industries.

The main advantages of industrial robot grinding and automatic grinding equipment grinding are as follows:

1. Compared with the wage cost of workers, the cost of robots and automatic grinding equipment is not high;

2. Improve the polishing quality to ensure the consistency of products;

3. Improve grinding and polishing efficiency, 24 hours continuous production in a day;

4. Improve the working conditions of workers and avoid long-term work in harmful environment;

5. Improve workers' automatic operation technology and reduce workers' labor intensity;

6. Shorten the production automation cycle and reduce the corresponding investment cost;

7. The programming operation learning is relatively simple and clear, and the user can carry out secondary programming according to different parts.

The dust environment at the grinding and polishing site is extremely bad. The sparks, dust and noise generated by the grinding and polishing are very harmful to the physical and mental health of workers. Even if the best dust collection equipment is used, the workshop environment will still affect the health. At the same time, the dust generated in the production process will cause serious pollution to the air, water and other environment. In this context, polishing robot becomes more and more concerned. Enterprises began to consider the introduction of automation system instead of manual polishing. Instead of manual, machine is used to deal with the tedious grinding and polishing process of casting workpiece, effectively improving the product grade and saving manpower. The polishing robot is sealed in the machine room, which can work safely in the smoke and dust environment. The waste pollution generated in the polishing process can also be effectively cleaned and controlled, which will not pollute the environment or affect the health of operators.

The automatic equipment and robot polishing system can ensure the consistency and accuracy of the products, and avoid the waste of products caused by the traditional process, such as labor-intensive manual grinding, inaccurate polishing and uneven polishing.





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