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Competing with TikTok? YouTube launches short video product Shorts

YouTube is launching its own short video service, this short video service called Shorts aims to compete with TikTok.

On Monday, local time, YouTube said in a blog post that it will first test this feature in India in the next few days and then expand the service to more countries in the coming months.


YouTube's new products will compete with Facebook's Reels and TikTok. The product allows users to record video clips suitable for mobile devices, and then add special effects and soundtracks extracted from the music library.

At the same time, Oracle and ByteDance are seeking to maintain TikTok's operations in the US market, defeating Microsoft's bid through cooperation rather than direct sales. (Chenchen)

Oracle and TikTok owner ByteDance reached an agreement to become a "trusted technology provider"

On September 14, local time, after Microsoft confirmed that TikTok had rejected its acquisition request, Oracle confirmed that it had reached an agreement with TikTok's Chinese owner ByteDance to become its "trusted technology provider", but the agreement still requires the United States. Government approval.

Oracle said on the 14th: "Oracle confirmed the statement of Minister Mnuchin, which is part of the proposal submitted by ByteDance to the Ministry of Finance last weekend. Oracle will become a trusted technology provider in this proposal."

Source: NetEase Technology Report, translated by Google Translate


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