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5g remote control Baidu unmanned taxi cancelled public demonstration of safety officer for the first time

On September 15, baidu World Conference was broadcast live on CCTV news. Baidu showed the unmanned taxi without safety officer for the first time, and demonstrated 5g cloud driving technology in real time.


At the scene, Baidu founder Robin Li and CCTV anchor Kang Hui in the studio, Baidu vice president Li Zhenyu and CCTV anchor Bao Xiaofeng are on trial site. This time at manned trial site, Baidu has canceled security personnel, such a public demonstration is the first time. In the live broadcast, the unmanned vehicle showed smooth driving, and dealt with emergencies such as electric vehicles crossing the road.

In addition, baidu also launched the "5g cloud driving" technology. CCTV anchor Bao Xiaofeng encountered construction road conditions during the test ride. Because there was no safety officer in the driver's seat, she randomly called remote 5g line control. In this case, 5g remote command center began to take over the vehicle and drove the unmanned vehicle to avoid the construction section.

After completing the 5G remote control and returning the control to the vehicle terminal, Robin Li said at the scene that today's rain in Beijing is also a typical scene encountered by a driverless vehicle. The performance of 5G connection and the driverless vehicle has been very mature. (Dingxi)

Source: Netease technology report, translated by Baidu


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