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India’s Q2 high-end smartphone shipments fell sharply, Yiga took the first place

Netease Technology News, August 4, according to Indian media reports, recently industry analysis consulting company Counterpoint Research published research data. Due to the severe impact of the new crown virus pandemic on economic activities, high-end models in the Indian smartphone market in the second quarter of this year Although the shipment volume exceeded 1 million units, it dropped by 32% compared to the same period last year. High-end models refer to smartphones priced above 30,000 rupees (approximately 2,800 yuan).

The analysis and consulting firm Counterpoint Research said in a research report that the nearly 40-day blockade in India caused by the new crown virus epidemic has made the shipment volume of high-end smartphones in India almost zero in April. The largest contribution to the sharp decline in shipments in the second quarter.

The analysis consulting firm also stated, “Nevertheless, high-end models are still one of the least affected segments in the smartphone market. In the second quarter of the entire Indian smartphone market, high-end models won the highest share ever. , Accounting for more than 4% of total smartphone shipments."

OnePlus’s newly launched 5G version of the OnePlus 8 series and other high-end models, as well as the re-entered Apple models, have maintained a good market performance in the Indian high-end smartphone market.

In addition, in the Indian smartphone market in the second quarter, we also saw more vendors working on high-end models in order to increase profitability and increase brand awareness in the Indian market.

The analysis and consulting company’s research report stated that 5G has become a standard for high-end smartphones. It is expected that both Samsung Electronics and Apple will soon launch their own 5G smartphones in the Indian market.

In the second quarter of India’s high-end smartphone market, OnePlus surpassed Samsung Electronics and regained its No. 1 position in market share with a 29% market share. According to the research report, due to increased competition, Apple fell to the third position in the Indian high-end smartphone market share in the second quarter.

The research report said, “As some smartphone sellers are changing their strategies to target consumers with different consumption abilities, the Indian high-end smartphone market is growing. Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo have all entered the high-end smartphone market. The market is no longer monopolized by a few oligarchs such as Samsung Electronics, Apple and OnePlus."

For example, in the quarter when the vivo brand vivo V19 was launched, it ranked second in sales of high-end smartphones in the Indian market. (Tianmen Mountain)

Source: NetEase Technology Report, translated by Google Translate


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