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Tencent Sun Zhonghuai: The epidemic is just a small pass, the video industry cannot just make short-term plans

NetEase Technology News, August 2 news, Tencent Video's 2020 release was held in Shanghai. Sun Zhonghuai, vice president of Tencent and CEO of Penguin, attended and delivered a keynote speech, focusing on sharing Tencent Video's thinking on content creation, partner standards and ecological construction in the process of building a comprehensive video platform.


Sun Zhonghuai said that in the first half of the year, Tencent Video’s monthly active number remained stable, and in February it set a new high since 2018. The length of user usage is still strong, the number of members is steadily increasing, the head-vertical type is frequently exposed, and the data of core channels are also performing well.

After a period of ignorant learning and rapid development, the video industry has now entered a new stage of relatively rational development. However, the epidemic in the first half of the year caused the suspension of production and production of film and television dramas for a period of time, and the difficulty of program recording, which caused pressure on scheduling and content production. Sun Zhonghuai believes that this epidemic is only a small juncture in the development of the industry, and we cannot just make short-term plans pessimistically because of the epidemic, and give up more in-depth thinking. Tencent Video will take sustainable operations as the goal, dynamically measure the ratio of input and output, continue to invest within an affordable range, explore more diversified revenue models, and continue to build on users, partners and industries based on the future. A comprehensive video platform with long-term value.

The video industry has entered a new stage, and high-quality content has always been the foundation of the development of the video industry. Sun Zhonghuai summarized Tencent Video’s criteria for high-quality content in three aspects: First, re-innovation based on mature models or classic narratives, rather than unreasonable and unreasonable copy and paste out of logic. Secondly, it has outstanding bright spots or slots that can detonate reputation. Finally, good content must respect the audience, love the work and be full of craftsmanship.

When talking about the criteria for Tencent Video’s selection of partners, Sun Zhonghuai summarized the three “killers” that affect the long-term competitiveness of content companies: the first type, its own positioning is vague, and the lack of core competitive advantages; the second type, the business focus is erratic and the Market hot spots swing from side to side; the third category is kidnapped and coerced by capital factors and market valuation. In addition, Sun Zhonghuai believes that in the content-centric video industry, word-of-mouth is the real alchemy stone. Only by steadfastly preparing content can it achieve better development.

In addition, in terms of how to empower to create a healthy ecological direction, he also revealed three supporting measures for high-quality content: First, open rich platform operation experience, technical tools and data capabilities to help creators understand user trends and The market trend has empowered creation; second, continuously upgrade the content accounting mechanism, provide a more competitive long video accounting system, further stimulate the creative enthusiasm of practitioners, and provide partners with more diversified cooperation methods. The third is to attach importance to the long and short video ecology, and will launch a Tencent video account to open up many platform capabilities and traffic matrix to help creators increase their influence. (Peng Lihui)

Source: NetEase Technology Report, translated by Google Translate


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