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Musk: Artificial intelligence will become smarter than humans within 5 years

(Original title: Musk: Artificial intelligence will become smarter than humans in 5 years)

The Paper, Cui Zhuzhu, Comprehensive Report

"I mean, this is basically the plot in'Game of War'."

On July 29, local time, according to US media CNBC reports, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in an interview with the New York Times recently that Google’s artificial intelligence company Deep MInd built The essence of artificial intelligence is to defeat all humans in all games.


DeepMind was founded in September 2010, and Musk was its first investors. In 2014, DeepMind was acquired by Google for $600 million. The company is known for developing AI systems that can play games better than anyone, such as the famous AlphaGo.

For Musk’s comments, DeepMind declined to comment.

In fact, Musk has warned more than once that artificial intelligence will soon become as smart as humans. He also said that once such a situation does occur, all of us will be frightened because the survival of mankind will be threatened.

Musk said in an interview that Tesla’s experience with AI means that he can confidently say: “We are moving in a direction where AI is clearly smarter than humans.” He believes that this day may be less than five years. Will come, "but this does not mean that everything will be in trouble within five years. It just means that things will become unstable or strange."

After DeepMind was acquired by Google, Musk invested another $1 billion in San Francisco in 2015 in OpenAI, a non-profit artificial intelligence research organization. OpenAI stated that its mission is to ensure that AI benefits all mankind. In February 2018, Musk left the OpenAI board of directors, but he said he would still donate to the organization and provide advice. In 2016, Musk invested in a neurotechnology company Neuralink, which is committed to developing an implantable brain-computer interface (BMI). In 2019, the company announced that it will start human trials in 2020.

Although he has invested in many artificial intelligence companies, Musk has been making dangerous remarks that artificial intelligence will threaten the survival of mankind for many years. Musk has previously stated that artificial intelligence is likely to trigger World War III. In May of this year, Musk also openly strangled with Jerome Pesenti, head of Facebook's artificial intelligence department, on Twitter about the artificial intelligence threat theory.

Source: The Paper, Translated by Google Translate


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