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Unlock the second salary reward! Musk received a bonus worth $2.1 billion

(Original title: Elon Musk Unlocks $2.1 Billion Award as Tesla Hits Milestone)

Netease Technology News, July 22, according to foreign media reports, as of the close of Tuesday local time, the average market value of electric car manufacturer Tesla in the past six months exceeded 150 billion U.S. dollars. CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) Musk) unlocks the second part of the compensation award, worth $2.1 billion.


According to data compiled by Bloomberg, although the electric car manufacturer's share price fell on Tuesday local time, the average market value of the company over the past six months is still more than $150 billion. This means that Musk can now exercise 1.69 million stock options, but must wait at least 5 years before selling these options.

The exercise price of these options is $350.02, which means that if he exercises the options and immediately sells the stock, he will get a gain of $2.1 billion.

In May of this year, Tesla's average market value in the past six months exceeded $100 billion, and Musk unlocked the first salary award. Since then, the company’s stock price has continued to rise, and its current market value has surpassed the combined market value of Toyota, Volkswagen and Hyundai.

Musk’s compensation package is the largest corporate compensation agreement reached between the CEO and the board of directors. It includes 20.3 million options and is divided into 12 parts. According to Tesla's estimates, if all goals can be achieved, Musk may receive more than 50 billion US dollars in revenue.

On Tuesday, local time, Tesla's stock price fell 4.5% to US$1,568.36, reducing the increase this year to 275%.

To get the third salary award, Tesla’s six-month average market value must reach 200 billion U.S. dollars, and four consecutive quarters of revenue must reach 35 billion U.S. dollars, or adjusted for interest, tax, depreciation and amortization. Profit before sales reached US$3 billion. (Chenchen)

Source: NetEase Technology Report, translated by Google Translate


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