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Foreign media: As Europe rejects Huawei, China accelerates 5G construction

(Original title: French media: When Europe rejects Huawei, China accelerates 5G construction)

The French "Echos" website published a report entitled "China Speeds Up 5G Construction When Europe Rejects Huawei" on July 15. The content is as follows:

The Chinese government criticized Britain’s politicized decision to ban Huawei’s 5G equipment under pressure from the United States, but Beijing has also learned a lesson from it and understands that it must speed up its pace.

While Europe is hesitant, China is making great strides. All parts of the country are in full swing, you are chasing me to build 5G base stations, and tens of thousands of them are built every week. By the end of this year, the three major operators will build 550,000 base stations nationwide.


The development of China's 5G infrastructure benefited from the support of the authorities within the framework of economic recovery after the epidemic. China's economic revitalization plan will be realized by strengthening the construction of new infrastructure and building charging piles.

These investments come from telecom operators and national and provincial public funds. As the demand for antennas, core networks, data centers, and terminals grows, the acceleration of investment will drive the entire industry.

This vigorous deployment has made Chinese equipment manufacturers.

China is a key market that allows equipment manufacturers to achieve economies of scale. Recent studies by Singapore's Greb Service Company and Japan's "Enhanced Artificial Intelligence" company show that despite international pressure, Huawei continues to invest heavily in 5G and ranks first in the global ranking of 5G major patent holdings. But the United States is bent on containing Huawei's intention to dominate the world.

Source:Reference News(参考消息)


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