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Amazon extends working hours at home to 2021, cancels unnecessary business trips

NetEase Technology News, July 16, according to foreign media reports, on Wednesday, local time in the United States, Amazon announced that it will extend the work-at-home policy to January 2021, and urges all employees to cancel non-essential business travel before the end of the year.

Amazon’s decision is consistent with Facebook and Google, both of which have announced an extension of the work-at-home policy until the end of 2020, while Twitter allows employees to work from home “forever”. Earlier reports said that Microsoft plans to reopen the office in stages starting from October this year, and Apple is currently considering closing the office until the end of this year.


An Amazon spokesperson said in a statement: "We continue to put the health of our employees first and follow the guidance of the local government. We welcome those employees who can work effectively at home to continue until January 8. We have invested a lot of money And resources to protect the safety of employees who choose to work in the office by maintaining a safe distance, deep cleaning and disinfection, temperature checks, and providing masks and hand sanitizer."

However, the work-at-home policy only applies to Amazon’s corporate employees. The company has a large number of warehouse employees, as well as other hourly and contract workers who have to work urgently during the epidemic. The company revised its unpaid leave policy in April, requiring all distribution center employees to resume work on May 1 unless their request for extended unpaid leave is approved.

Prior to this, most employees continued to work in Amazon warehouses, but those who wanted to stay at home because of health concerns were allowed to continue to do so. Employees who have been diagnosed with the new crown virus, or who have close contact with them, are still eligible for two weeks of paid leave. The company said that as of the end of last quarter, there were 840,400 full-time and part-time employees.

Despite the various benefits provided, and Amazon said it will spend $4 billion to fight the new crown epidemic, the company has been criticized for the improper handling of the warehousing space epidemic in the past few months. Several warehouse employees have died from the New Crown Virus infection. The company is facing multiple employee protests and lawsuits in New York City because some employees and activists say the company has made major mistakes in protecting workers' safety.

These errors include failure to notify other employees when someone is diagnosed with an infection, failure to close facilities and complete disinfection when an outbreak is detected among employees, and failure to give workers sufficient time to wash their hands and disinfect workstations during shifts. In response to these criticisms, Amazon has taken measures to improve public health, strengthen worker safety protection, and extend employee hourly pay increases. (Little)

Source: Netease Technology Report, translated by Google Translate


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