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Apple is pessimistic about the US epidemic: employees will not return to work before the end of the year

(original title:苹果对美国疫情悲观:员工年底前不会全面返岗)

NetEase Technology News, July 14th, according to foreign media reports, Apple's latest video information sent to employees shows that because the new crown epidemic forced the company to close many US retail stores again, the technology giant is urging retail employees to work remotely, and He said he would not return to work in full before the end of the year. At the same time, the company also stated that it will deliver the new coronavirus test package to the employees' homes.

In a video shared with Apple’s retail employees on the weekend, Apple’s senior vice president of retail and personnel Deirdre O’Brien urged retail employees whose retail stores were closed again to start working from home. Customers who buy online or by phone or seek product support provide services.


O'Brien told employees in the video: "If your retail store is closed, please register at Retail at Home, and please talk to your manager, because we really need to ensure that our team is serving remotely during this time For our customers. We may need to work remotely for a while."

The Apple executive said: "Considering that during the outbreak, there are more customers who want to buy products or services online, some consumers are experiencing long waiting times, this is not the experience we want to provide customers. So, we I really want to make sure that we are moving to where our customers are and help them in this very challenging period. You know, people are very dependent on their equipment, especially now."

In March this year, Apple launched a plan to allow retail employees to switch to online positions when most of Apple’s retail stores worldwide are closed.

In the video, O'Brien also told employees that starting later this month, they will get the name tag lanyard used in the store. They can customize it with their own Memoji system and create their own avatar on the iPhone. She said it would help retail employees wearing masks to be more easily identified.

Apple has a total of 271 retail stores in the United States, of which more than 90 cases of infections have surged and have to be closed again. The company also closed some retail stores in the UK and Australia. For sites that are still in business, the company requires customers and employees to wear masks and perform a temperature check when entering. O'Brien said in a recent video: "The prevention program we have developed is very effective."

At the same time, Apple has also launched a project that allows remote working retail and corporate employees to conduct new crown virus detection at home. Apple will send the test package to the employee's home, and then the test sample is sent to a special test point for processing. Last month, Apple began allowing company employees to return to their offices for on-site viral nasal swab testing.

Apple also shared the latest information on its plan to return to the office. In a memo to employees last month, the company said: "We currently expect that the US office will not be able to fully return to work before the end of the year. However, offices in Asia Pacific and Europe are expected to be realized in the coming months based on local conditions. Fully restored."

Apple has spent billions of dollars to build a new campus in Silicon Valley, and its hardware development process depends on working in the office.

Apple is currently returning employees to its main office in phases. The first phase began in mid-June. This stage is aimed at employees who cannot work effectively at home, such as those engaged in future hardware product development. In a recent notice to employees, the company wrote: "We will begin to welcome team members who prefer to work in the office, or those who require them to stay in the office while continuing to limit the number of returnees." ( Little)

Source: Netease Technology Report, translated by Google Translate


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