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Apple: Blocking laptop cameras is very popular, but this damages the device


Netease Technology News July 11, according to foreign media reports, at present, many plastic cover stickers used to cover the laptop computer camera are very popular. But Apple recently released a support page to remind MacBook users not to close their laptops with a camera cover. According to Apple, because "the gap between the display and the keyboard is very tightly designed," the masking may cause damage to devices such as broken monitors.

Nowadays, plastic camera cover stickers with sliders are very common. But if the user keeps the cover sticker on when closing the laptop, it may cause damage to your laptop screen, and Apple’s laptop repair costs are extremely high. Even if there is AppleCare+ accident insurance, there is a lot of money to be paid out of pocket.

Apple said that consumers can rely on the green LED next to the camera on the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. As long as the camera is activated, the LED light will be on. Apple’s supporting document states: “The camera’s design makes it impossible to start without the camera indicator turned on.” This is certainly good, but sometimes the use of occlusion stickers has nothing to do with user privacy, just separating yourself from colleagues in video conferences open.

Apple admits that some users have no choice on this issue and may be required by the employer to use a camera to block the stickers. The company said that users should remove the mask before closing the laptop in this situation.

Even if light pressure is applied to a closed machine with a camera cover, the screen of the MacBook Pro may break. If the user does not fully believe the LED indicator next to the camera, then a piece of black tape should be a safer option than a hard plastic cover. However, Apple warns against using anything "thicker than ordinary printing paper", and also discourages the use of masking stickers that will leave sticky residues.

If you are concerned about privacy leaks, users can select the "Security and Privacy" function in the "System Preferences" option of the Apple laptop to see which applications can access the camera, and can revoke the permission of any application to use the camera. (Chenchen)

Source: Netease Technology Report, translated by Google Translate


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