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Foreign media: The United States will ban the contractors of the federal government from using the products of 5 companies including Huawei

(Original title: Exclusive: U.S. finalizing federal contract ban for companies that use Huawei, others)

Netease Technology News July 10, according to foreign media reports, on Thursday, local time in the United States, the White House Management and Budget Office Acting Director Russ Vout said that the Trump administration plans to finalize a federal contract this week. The ban prohibits the US government from purchasing products or services from five Chinese companies including Huawei, Hikvision and Dahua.


The ban may have a profound impact on companies that sell goods and services to US government agencies because they need to prove that they have not used their products. Among them, Hikvision and Dahua produce the world's best-selling surveillance equipment and cameras, Hynonda Communications sells two-way radio equipment, and Huawei and ZTE mainly sell smart phones and other telecommunications equipment or mobile equipment.

At the same time, any company that uses the equipment or services of these five companies in daily operations will no longer be able to sell products to US government agencies without the exemption of the US government. Huawei did not immediately comment. Dahua, ZTE, Hikvision and Hinetec also did not respond to requests for comment.

The data shows that US government agencies award more than $500 billion in purchase contracts each year. This provision of the Federal Procurement Regulatory Commission will take effect on August 13. Although the contractor had previously been largely uncertain about the implementation and enforcement of the regulation, considering its potential impact on the contractor, the White House made it clear that the regulation will not be delayed and it is difficult to seek exemptions.

Although it is unclear whether this will affect the current contract, it may complicate future contracts. For example, Amazon bought 1,500 cameras from Dahua in April to measure the temperature of workers during the new crown epidemic. (Little)

Source: NetEase Technology Report, translated by Google Translate


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