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Sony India Research Institute starts operations: provides jobs in the field of applied AI and data analysis

(original title: Sony Institute of India launched Operation: employment opportunities will be provided in the field of applied AI and data analysis)

[techweb] according to foreign media reports on July 5, Sony has officially launched the operation of Sony research India Private Limited (Sony research India).



Sony India Research Institute is a part of Sony's global R & D center, which is composed of bangaloru laboratory in India and Mumbai laboratory in Sony R & D center. The director (representative) of Sony Institute of India is Dr. C.C. Lee.

By establishing Sony India Research Institute, Sony will seek to leverage its multi site structure and talent to achieve outstanding research results. Sony India Research Institute also aims to accelerate cooperation with entertainment and electronics business groups, while further improving India's competitiveness and R & D capabilities.

Sony India Research Institute will provide employment opportunities in the field of applied AI (Artificial Intelligence) and data analysis. Its research objectives are to explore and promote social well-being and sustainable development goals, for example, in the creative entertainment community and in the healthcare / life sciences industry.

source: TechWeb


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